High Performance ANSI C Compiler
for Atmel AVR microcontrollers


CodeVisionAVR Development Kits

Shipping & Returns


CodeVisionAVR & ChipBlasterAVR are download only products. No shipping is charged.

For all other products we offer free shipping for orders with a value larger then 200 Euro. For lower value orders we charge a world-wide flat fee of 10 Euro.

Shipping is always with first class Mail. Delivery time is typical between 2 and 8 days.
If you want us to ship your order on your account (DHL, FedEx, UPS, ...) add your instructions, including your account number, in the Comments box (Step 1 of 3 of Checkout). Using one of these services will result in faster deliveries.

Repair and RMA

ALL products returned to DELCOMp require an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number. To get an RMA number, send us an e-mail and include the product part number and serial number. Also clearly state the reason why you want to return the items. For some problems we will contact you and suggest a solution (firmware upgrade, hardware change, ...) without the need for returning the items.
For other problems you will immediately receive an RMA number. Please return all defective items to us and mark the RMA number clearly on the box. Make sure the items are properly packaged.

We can and will not accept any returned item without an RMA number. Packages received without an RMA number, will be returned with shipping charges paid by the customer.

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