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ChipBlasterAVR Programming Software



Universal In-System Programming Software for the Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers
  • Compatible with most AVR development tools
  • Supports projects
  • Supports all AVR microcontrollers
This product includes 1 year of free updates and e-mail technical support. After this period you can purchase 'ChipBlasterAVR Support' to continue to receive free updates and support.

  • Application that runs under Windows® XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Works with USB, serial port (COM) and parallel port (LPT) based programmers
  • Support for projects, allowing easy one button programming of AVR devices.
    Fully compatible with CodeVisionAVR projects, allows executing the programming tasks specified in CodeVisionAVR’s Project|Configure|After Build menu. Ideal for production environments.

The following programmers are supported:
  • Atmel STK500 (serial connection)
  • Atmel STK600 (USB connection)
  • Atmel AVRISP (serial connection)
  • Atmel AVRISP MkII (USB connection)
  • Atmel AVR Dragon (USB connection)
  • Atmel JTAGICE MkII (USB connection)
  • Atmel JTAGICE 3 (USB connection)
  • Atmel AVR910 Application Note (serial connection)
  • Kanda Systems STK200 and STK300 (LPT parallel port connection)
  • Vogel Elektronic VTEC ISP (LPT parallel port connection)
  • Dontronics DT006 (LPT parallel port connection)

ChipBlasterAVR supports programming the following chips:
  • AT90S2313
  • AT90S2323, AT90S2343
  • AT90S2333, AT90S4433
  • AT90S4414, AT90S8515
  • AT90S4434, AT90S8535
  • AT90S8534
  • AT90CAN32, AT90CAN64, AT90CAN128
  • AT90PWM2, AT90PWM2B, AT90PWM3, AT90PWM3B, AT90PWM216, AT90PWM316
  • AT90USB1286, AT90USB1287, AT90USB646, AT90USB647, AT90USB162, AT90USB82
  • ATtiny4, ATtiny5, ATtiny9, ATtiny10, ATtiny20, ATtiny40 (reduced core)
  • ATtiny13, ATtiny13A
  • ATtiny1634
  • ATtiny167, ATtiny87
  • ATtiny2313, ATtiny2313A, ATtiny4313
  • ATtiny24, ATtiny44, ATtiny84
  • ATtiny25, ATtiny45, ATtiny85
  • ATtiny26, ATtiny46, ATtiny86, ATtiny166
  • ATtiny261, ATtiny461, ATtiny861
  • ATtiny43U
  • ATtiny48, ATtiny88
  • ATtiny828
  • ATmega103
  • ATmega128, ATmega128A
  • ATmega1280, ATmega1281
  • ATmega128RFA1
  • ATmega1284, ATmega1284P
  • ATmega16
  • ATmega16HVA, ATmega 8HVA
  • ATmega16HVB, ATmega32HVB
  • ATmega16M1, ATmega32M1, ATmega64M1
  • ATmega16U4, ATmega32U4
  • ATmega161, ATmega162, ATmega163
  • ATmega164, ATmega164A, ATmega164P, ATmega164PA
  • ATmega165, ATmega165P, ATmega165PA
  • ATmega168, ATmega168A, ATmega168PA
  • ATmega169, ATmega169A, ATmega169PA
  • ATmega2560, ATmega2561
  • ATmega32, ATmega32A
  • ATmega32C1, ATmega64C1
  • ATmega32U6
  • ATmega323
  • ATmega324, ATmega324A, ATmega324P, ATmega324PA
  • ATmega325, ATmega325A, ATmega325P, ATmega325PA
  • ATmega3250, ATmega3250A, ATmega3250P
  • ATmega328, ATmega328P
  • ATmega329, ATmega329A, ATmega329P, ATmega329PA
  • ATmega3290, ATmega3290A, ATmega3290P
  • ATmega48, ATmega48A, ATmega48P, ATmega48PA
  • ATmega603
  • ATmega64
  • ATmega640
  • ATmega644, ATmega644A, ATmega644PA, ATmega644P, ATmega644PV
  • ATmega645, ATmega645A, ATmega645P, ATmega645PA
  • ATmega6450, ATmega6450A, ATmega6450P
  • ATmega649, ATmega649A, ATmega649P, ATmega649PA
  • ATmega6490, ATmega6490A, ATmega6490P
  • ATmega8, ATmega8A, ATmega8P
  • ATmega8U2, ATmega16U2, ATmega32U2
  • ATmega8515
  • ATmega8535
  • ATxmega128A1, ATxmega192A1, ATxmega256A1, ATxmega384A1, ATxmega64A1
  • ATxmega128A3, ATxmega192A3, ATxmega256A3, ATxmega256A3B, ATxmega64A3
  • ATxmega128A3U, ATxmega192A3U, ATxmega256A3U, ATxmega256A3BU, ATxmega64A3U
  • ATxmega16A4, ATxmega32A4, ATxmega64A4, ATxmega128A4
  • ATxmega128D3, ATxmega192D3, ATxmega256D3, ATxmega64D3
  • ATxmega16D4, ATxmega32D4, ATxmega64D4, ATxmega128D4

This is a download ONLY product: ChipBlasterAVR 2.02. The install password is e-mailed to you after your payment.
Test first? Check the ChipBlasterAVR 2.02 Evaluation version.

  • Log-in as Administrator under Windows
  • Unzip the downloaded file in a temporary directory
  • Run setup.exe to install.

Note: When installing CodeVisionAVR under Windows Vista, the User Account Control (UAC) must be disabled, as outlined below:
  • press the Windows button and click on the Control Panel link
  • in the Control Panel window, under the User Accounts and Family Safety, click on the Add or remove user accounts link
  • a new window will open, click on the Go to the main User Accounts page link located at the bottom of the window
  • a new window will open, click on the Turn User Account Control on or off link located at the bottom of the window
  • in the new window that will open, uncheck the Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer check box and press the OK button to confirm
  • the computer will have to be restarted for this setting to become effective.
After UAC has been disabled, you may proceed with the ChipBlasterAVR installation:
  • run the ChipBlasterAVR installer
  • after the installation is complete, right click on the ChipBlasterAVR icon on the desktop
  • select Properties in the popup menu that will open
  • a new window called ChipBlasterAVR Properties will open
  • select the Compatibility tab
  • check the Privilege Level|Run this program as an administrator check box and press the OK button to confirm.

  • Model: CB

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