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4.3" 480x272 LCD Type B

The compact, high resolution 4.3" LCD matches the XG1000 LCD hardware accelerator perfectly. On this LCD it supports a 65k color palette at a 480x272 resolution.

  • High Speed graphic drawing with XG1000 LCD Hardware Accelerator
  • Ultra thin design combined with X-Graph modules
Available on:
  • XG7100 ATXMega SBC
  • XG4200 Rabbit 4000 SBC
  • XG8400T43 Arduino Shield
  • 480x272 QVGA resolution
  • 4.3" diagonal size
  • 16:9 form factor
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation
  • 16-bit RGB TFT interface
  • 65k color pallet
  • White-led backlight
  • Analog Touchscreen

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